01. Getting Started (6)

New to web hosting? Start here for the basics you need to know to have your website up and running!

02. Billing & Invoicing (1)

Get a greater insight of your Billing Area. Know how to manage your billing profile, orders, quotes, invoices and products/services.

03. Shared Hosting (15)

Your hosting account management questions answered. Learn how to access, configure and manage your hosting account.

04. Website Designing (36)

Learn how to use our powerful and yet easy-to-use design tools and templates to easily design world class website in minutes without writing codes!

05. Domain Names (27)

Know more about domains; registering, transferring and renewing domains; sub-domains, packed domains, addon domans, name servers etc and how to manage and configure them.

06. E-Mail Accounts (8)

Learn more about e-mail accounts, creating and deleting e-mail accounts, accessing webmail, modifying the disk quota, changing passwords, configuring e-mail clients etc.

07. File Management (0)

Learn how to configure your FTP accounts and how to transfer (upload and download) files using FTP Clients, File Manager and Web Disk as well as managing site backups.

08. MySql Databases (0)

Learn more about MySql Databases, creating and deleting databases, adding removing tables, adding and removing database users, importing and exporting databases, e.t.c.

09. SSL Website Security (0)

Learn more about SSL Certificates, the different categories, requirements for each category and how to install and configure them.

10. SiteLock (0)

Learn how to protect your website files from accidental changes using Site Lock before unintended changes tarnish the reputation of your website and business in general.

11. Miscellaneous (2)

If it is not in the categories above, then it is nowhere else other than here. All unresolved questions from the categories above are probable answered here. Check out!

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