Reseller Program

Make Money with Our White Labeled Reseller Program. Resell Hosting, Domains or All Our Services. Choose between the Lite or Complete Portfolio Reseller Program.

FULLY WHITE-LABELED. Your Clients Will Never Know You Are Hosting With Us.
Resell any of our products under your own brand.
FREE Domain Registrations and Transfers to Get You Started Easily and Quickly.
FREE & LATEST WHM for You to Manage Your Customers' hosting accounts.
FREE & LATEST cPanel for Your Customers to Manage Their hosting accounts.
WHITE-LABELED WHMCS Billing System to Keep Your Business Organised.
FREE Transfers for Your Website Files, Databases and Emails.
FREE SEO & Marketing Tools for You and Your Clients.
FREE 447+ Softaculous Apps Installable with 1 Click.
FREE SSL Certificates for all your clients' websites.

Lite Reseller Program: Reseller Hosting!

Reseller Hosting is our Lite Reseller Program!

Are you a website designer looking for a way of hosting your clients’ websites under your own brand and cheaply? Join our reseller hosting program now. Complement your web design business with our reseller hosting program and start earning additional revenue as a hosting provider. The Lite Reseller Program is also ideal if you are currently managing multiple Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting accounts separately and are looking for a way of streamlining their management. It’s the best choice if you are transitioning from any form of Shared Hosting to a higher form of hosting.

You will get a single hosting account which you will be able to partition into different sub-accounts, assigning them resources appropriately in form of hosting packages. Choose our Linux or Windows Reseller Hosting Program based on your platform of expertise.

  • Linux Reseller Hosting

  • Starting at UGX22,705 /Per Month

  • This is the most common form of Reseller Hosting. This is due to its known higher level of stability, security, reliability and the fact that it’s relatively cheaper compared to Windows reseller hosting. If you are just getting started with the web hosting business and are not sure of which reseller program to join, the linux lite reseller program is your perfect deal.
    View Linux Reseller Packages
  •   Linux OS Platform.
  •   cPanel/WHM Hosting Control Panel.
  •   SSL Certificates for all your Customer Websites.
  •   1-Click CloudFlare CDN Integration
  •   SEO and Marketing Tools
  •   WHMCS Billing System
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  • Windows Reseller Hosting

  • Starting at UGX28,405 /Per Month

  • If you are looking out to hosting Windows based websites and applications for your clients, then our Windows Reseller Hosting program is your ultimate choice. With this form of reseller program, you will be able to host websites and any other applications or websites which entirely runs only on the Microsoft Windows platiform.
    View Windows Reseller Packages
  •   Windows OS Platform
  •   Plesk Hosting Control Panel.
  •   SSL Certificates for all Your Clients’ Websites.
  •   Host .ASP.NET applications.
  •   SEO and Marketing Tools.
  •   Free WHMCS Billing System.
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Complete Portfolio Reseller Program

Resell Any of Our Products!

Take your hosting business to the next level by reselling any of our products under your own brand name. With our Complete Portfolio Reseller Program, you will be able to sell Domain Names, Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Email Hosting, Google Suite Services, Web Design Tools, Website Security Solutions, Web Hosting Servers, Short Messaging Services, Voice Messaging Services among others at very competitive prices. And best of all, your clients will NOT know that you are buying from us. It’s fully white labeled. You can decide to integrate using our easy to implement API or use a ready made portal to sell to your clients. Even with our ready made portal, you can set your own custom domain or sub-domain.

This is the most comprehensive reseller program there is on the hosting market. So if you are looking to offering more product options to your clients, look no further than our complete portfolio reseller program. You will get a single account in which you can purchase, activate and manage products and services whenever your clients order. Choose between Best Popular TLDs Pricing and Best Other TLDs & Products Pricing.

  • Best Popular TLDs Pricing

  • .com starting at UGX28,462 /Per Year

  • This reseller program option gives you the lowest prices for the most popular .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain names. Prices for the other top level domains (TLDs) and products being relatively higher. Of course just higher than those of our second pricing option – the “Best Other TLDs & Products Pricing” option. But they remain lower that those of our competitors.
    View Product Pricing
  •   Best pricing for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains.
  •   Relatively higher prices for other TLDs and products.
  •   Perfect for those strictly targeting domain reselling.
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  • Best Other TLDs & Products Pricing

  • .com starting at UGX37,962 /Per Year

  • With this reseller program option, you get the best prices for all other products and top level domains (TLDs) except the most popular .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains names. Prices for these popular TLDs are relatively higher than those in our first pricing option – the “Best Popular TLDs Pricing option. Nonetheless, they still remain far lower than those of our competitors.
    View Product Prices
  •   Relatively higher prices for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domains.
  •   Best prices for all other products and domains.
  •   Perfect for resellers looking for best product prices.
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FAQs - Frequently Asked questions!

I am new in the Web Hosting business. Which Reseller Program is best for me?

If you are new in the field of hosting, we would recommend you start with Linux Reseller Hosting. Of course if you target clients with sites designed to run only on the Windows platform such those designed using, you will have to signup for the Windows reseller program. Else, Linux reseller hosting is your ultimate choice.

I have never managed a hosting account. Can I also signup for the reseller program?

When doing the web hosting business, you will  be involved in managing hosting accounts for your customers. That means, basic knowledge of how to perform basic tasks in a hosting control panel is critical. It would be a good idea to first signup for a shared hosting account, get used to performing the basic tasks in your own hosting control panel before you get into managing many accounts for your customers.

Nonetheless, we have also seen people who start with zero knowledge of account management and succeed. Besides, our Technical Team is here. We can always come in to help you whenever you are stuck.