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24/7 Customer Support

Get all the support you need whenever you need it. Our Customer Care Representatives are always available to offer you the assistance you need 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. Plus, we have a wide range of support options from which you can choose. Our Live Chat option allows you to get live answers to your question from a live person in real time.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Because we are sure of what we do, we guarantee customer satisfaction! That’s the very reason we shall refund your money once you are not satisfied with our services. Unsure whether we shall offer you that web hosting experience you have always dreamt of? Don't worry. We are sure of serving you beyond your expectations. And, we do offer refunds! Once you are not satisfied within the first 45 days after paying for a service, we shall refund 100% of the money you paid for the service once you demand so.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Downtimes are not characteristic of the Jubilee Network. We employ industry standard state of the art hardware and technologies for our data centers just to ensure that your website will always be online.

Advanced Email Encryption

We care about your privacy and security. That’s why we provide measures for encrypting your email messages before they are sent. GnuPG is a publicly available encryption scheme that uses the “public key” approach. With GnuPG, messages are encrypted using a “public key”; however, they can only be decrypted by a “private key, which is retained by the intended recipient of the message


Online presence shouldn’t really be expensive and straining. Understanding this, we have designed our hosting solutions to favor everyone, be it individuals, institutions or corporate companies. Whether hosting, domains, designing, SSL or anything else, we try to keep prices low just to make it affordable to everyone.

Cron Job Automation

We know there are times you want to see things happen with your hand off. The Cron Jobs feature of our hosting control panel allows you to automate certain commands or scripts on your website. You can set a command or script to run at a specific time every day, week, etc. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every week to free up disk space or to send automated e-mail alerts whenever you post new products on your website.

Custom Error Pages

Error pages inform your website visitors when there is a problem accessing your website. Each type of problem has its own code. For example, a visitor who enters a nonexistent URL will see a 404 error, while an unauthorized user trying to access a restricted area of your site will see a 401 error. Basic error pages are automatically provided by our web servers. However, we give you full control of what will be presented to your website visitors. We allow you to create custom error pages for any valid HTTP status code beginning in 4 or 5.

Directory Privacy/Protection

We understand that you may want to make some directories of your website private. That is why we allow you to set a password to protect certain directories of your account. When you enable this feature, a user that tries to open the protected folder will be prompted to enter a username and password before they can access your content.

Email Spam Filters

Create and manage email filters for an email address that you specify. This can be useful if you want to avoid spam, redirect mail, or pipe messages to a program. The Apache SpamAssassin mail filter within our hosting control panel interface is used to identify unsolicited bulk email, more commonly known as spam which can then be either automatically deleted or delivered into a separate mail folder named spam.

Fast-Loading Easy To Use Control Panel

Ever heard of cPanel? It’s the backbone for our hosting control panel. Control and manage all technical aspects of your hosting account through an easy to use graphical interface. Plus, it is integrated with lots of features all accessible with a single login. And, with our recent upgrade to the interface, it is even smarter, more secure and loads very fast thereby saving you from using a lot of internet data to access and manage your account.

FREE Account Setup

No account setup fees. Simply signup for any of our products or services and we shall setup your account instantly at no extra cost.


At Jubilee Web Host, customer care and security are our number one priority. That explains why we are always striving hard to employ top-tier industry standard technologies to ensure continued improvement in the level of support and security we provide to our clients. Because we know most people can take a couple of hours or even days before checking mail, we shall always send account monitoring text message alerts to your mobile phone in addition to the email notifications we send.

FREE Domain Names

When you sign-up for web hosting or design, we shall offer you a free domain name registration for a number of years equivalent to your billing cycle/payment period (view list of available free domains). If you already have the domain name but would like to transfer it to us so as to benefit from our free addons, we shall do it for you free. And, whenever you renew your hosting, we hall also renew your domain name for an equivalent number of years.

FREE DNS Management

The DNS (Domain Name System) records control the functionality of domain names. Each registered domain name has a DNS record that includes MX, A, and CNAME records and name servers. Changing DNS records is recommended only for advanced users. Knowing this, we shall always handle all your DNS settings and configurations until your website is fully online. We do all this free.

FREE Domain Locking/Theft Protection

Domain locking is a free security enhancement offered by Jubilee Web Host to prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain name to another registrar or web host. When your domain is locked, you will be substantially protected from unauthorized third parties who might try to misdirect your name servers or transfer your domain without your permission. We offer this awesome service free.

FREE E-Mail Forwarding

This feature allows you to redirect your domain's e-mails to a different email account. You can redirect all e-mails sent to the company's domain addresses, such as yourname@yourcompany.com to your primary e-mail account, such as yourname@gmail.com. This gives you the power to read messages sent to accounts at your company's domain right from your primary inbox. You may not have to visit the inbox at your company's domain every time you need to read your company's mails.

FREE Domain Forwarding

In addition to forwarding individual email accounts, you can also forward all email messages from one domain to another. This is a domain addon service we offer to our clients free of charge, making you save a few dollars.

FREE Search Engine Optimization

Let search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others easily pick-up your website content and display it on the first page of the search results whenever someone searches something related to your website content.

FREE Site Publisher

Quickly publish a welcome page from a set of available templates to display to your visitors some basic information about your company while you continue to develop your website, and to assure them that your website is still under construction and will be available shortly.

FREE 1-Click Script Installer

With the QuickInstall tool right within your hosting control panel, your website is just a click away. Installing any of the major web scripts and platforms is just fun. You can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any of our 72+ scripts and platforms with a few mouse-clicks and setup your online store or blog within minutes! And, these scripts come with thousands of free (though paid ones also exist) themes, templates and plugins to allow you develop any kind of website with ease! Thanks to our partners, Mojo Market Place for this great tool. Plus, big-up to the themes, templates and plugin developers.

FREE Website Transfer

If you are moving from another webhost, you need not to worry about the migration process. We shall do everything for you. All you need to do is to give us your current hosting account details, then sit back and relax as watch us do all the hard work for you. We shall transfer all your website files, databases, email forwarders, filters etc all at a free cost. We shall only be getting back to you when we have to, and maybe to inform you when the work is done! And, your website transfer will be handled with no noticeable downtime.

FREE Whois Privacy/ID Protection

Private Domain Registration allows you to shield your personal information from unwanted solicitors by replacing your contact information in the public WHOIS database with that of Jubilee Web Host and our domain registration partners. Your information will remain in Jubilee Web Host's database but become unavailable to the public.

FRIENDLY Client Area

Manage your account's funds, bills, invoices, orders, support requests and responses, services, referred signups, billing and contact information, among others using a user friendly interface. No junks of words, No crowded information, No confusing statements. The client area is just clean!

MULTIPLE File Transfer Methods

We provide multiple methods for transferring files. You can upload or download your website files using WebDisk, File Manager or an FTP Client such as FileZilla. WebDisk and FTP clients (in this case FileZilla) allow for the transfer of an entire folder, sub-folders and files by simply drag and drop. The File Manager on the other hand allows upload and download of individual files and compressed/zipped folders. You can also compress and extract files and folders right from within the File Manager. Whichever method you choose of the three, once employed properly, you will always get to your final destination.

MULTIPLE Webmail Applications

Read and compose mail using any of the three most popular webmail applications. You can manage your mail account using Horde®, RoundCube® or SquirrelMail®. You have even got an option to choose your favorite out of the three so that it automatically loads the next time you visit your mail account. And, switching to another application of your choice is as easy as simply selecting its name from a drop-down menu just in top-right corner of your email window.

MULTIPLE Website Design Tools

Whether we do it for you or you do it yourself, there are a number of website design tools from which to choose. You may choose to use BaseKit or any of the scripts installable through the QuickInstall feature. Or still, you may choose to download a template, edit it in your favorite web design software and then upload into your web hosting space when done. Whichever you use, once used properly, you will always love the results.

MULTIPLE Website Statics Tools

We want you to know how well your website is doing on the internet. That’s why we log every activity of your website visitors. You will be able to know which keywords visitors use to land to your site in search results, the search engines or websites referring them, the time and day they visit your website, their countries and cities, the specific pages they visit, the error messages (if any) they encounter, the devices, operating systems and browsers they use, their IP and ISP information, bandwidth consumed among others. We present to you this information in row, bar graphs and chart. This will help you tailor your website based on your website visitors’ behavior, fix errors on your site and to decide whether to buy more bandwidth.

UNLIMITED Email Autoresponders

Configure an email account to send automated emails. This can be useful if you are on vacation or unavailable, or if you have a generic message that you wish to send from a support email address. If you do not create a forwarder or email account with the same address as each autoresponder, mail sent to the autoresponder will only be handled by the autoresponder before it is discarded.

UNLIMITED Domain Parking/Aliases

Domain parking allows your website to be accessible over several addresses. For example, your primary domain may be example.com, but you may want your website to be as well accessible via www.example.org, www.example.net, www.example.biz etc. Check out our own website accessible via jubileewebhost.com, jubileewebhost.net, jubileewebhost.org and jubileewebhost.co.ug. This is called domain parking and those additional domains are called domain aliases or parked domains. Domain parking is achieved by configuring domain aliases within your hosting control panel. We allow you to configure as many domain aliases as you may want.

The Jubilee Guarantee

24/7 Customer Support

Receive all the support you need any time you need it.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee your website will always be available online.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

We shall pay back all your money once you are not satisfied with our services.

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