Free Web Hosting For Students

Are you a student pursuing your career in an IT related course and are curious about web hosting? Signup for a free web hosting account and use it to gain more insight into the web design and hosting industry. Simply free web hosting for campusers and high school students!

Completely free web hosting. No Credit Card Required.
100 MB of Pure SSD Storage Space.
20 GB of Monthly Bandwidth / Data Transfer.
1 Website, 1 Email Account, 1 Database and FTP Account.
SSL Certificate to Secure Your Website and Boost Your SEO.
1-Click CloudFlare Activation to Enhance Your Website Speed and Security.
Email Spam Filters to Protect You from the Internet Scam.
EASY TO USE Control Panel (cPanel) to Manage Your Free Web Hosting Account.
FREE SEO & Marketing Tools to Boost Your Search Engine Visibility and Ranking.
450+ Softaculous Web Apps e.g WordPress, Joomla etc Installable with 1 Click.

Why Choose Our Free Web Hosting As A Student?

A Learning

Fact be told, most of the thing we do in the field are never taught in class. As such, our free web hosting for students is an opportunity for you to learn the different practical aspects of website hosting and management which you may never learn in class.

Makes You
Look Professional

Not everyone is capable of possessing a website despite the desire. As a result, mere possession of one will make the World around you look at approach from a professional point of view.

Your Career

By transforming your class lessons into real World solutions, you are literally advancing in your career. Our free web hosting experience will help you become a professional web designer and hosting guru even before graduating from your college of study.

Sell Out
Your Skills

Showcase your skill-set. Let the bigger World know about your capabilities. By so doing, you are going to rise the desires of your potential employers to hire you even before your graduation.

Gain Early

Just imagine this - you bump into an IT job immediately after campus and your role is to manage the company's website. But uh, you have no idea. That's why you need our free web hosting so you can gain the necessary experience earl enough.

More Fun

As student, having your own website hosted online can be great fun to both you and the people around you. Prove to your buddies that you are actually a star! After-all, you gonna be a class apart.

Included With Your Free Web Hosting Account

100 MB Storage Space

Up to 100 MB of storage space for your website files, databases, mails, etc.

20 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Up to 20 GB Worthy of monthly data Transfer / bandwidth.

Pure SSD Storage

Solid State Drives give your website up to 20x speed boost than normal HDDs.

1 Database

MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases with phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin access.

1 FTP Account

We'll give you an FTP account so that you can learn how to manage files via FTP.

1 Email Account

Communicate to your buddies using a professional email

1 Mailing List

Create a mailing list so you can easily broadcast mails to your subscribers.

1 Sub-domain

Host in addition to under the same account.

1 Domain Alias

Also called packed domains. Multiple websites pointing to the same website.

1 Addon Domain

You will explore this and see how to host multiple websites in the same account.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Free tools to boost your search engine invisibility and ranking.

Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL

SSL Certificates to secure all websites on your domains and sub-domains.

SiteLock Malware Scan

Daily scan of up to 5 pages of your site for malware, viruses, bot attacks etc.

Advanced Security Scan

Take care of your business cash flow as we take care of the hosting infrastructure.

1-Click Script Installs

Install any of 447+ major web apps with a single click via Softaculous in your cPanel.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Use the World's #1 control panel to manage technical aspects of your account

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

With our 99.99% uptime, rest assured that your clients' websites will be up always.

Free 24×7/365 Support

Request for the support you need when you need it. We are always here to help.

Free 1-Click Apps You Will Love!

Our free web hosting comes with Softaculous Apps Installer with 450+ scripts. With the Softaculous scripts installer, you can install a shopping cart, photo gallery or blog within just seconds. Install any of these with a single click within your free web hosting control panel!

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Mambo
  • OCPortal
  • Nucleus
  • ModX
  • PHP-Nuke
  • PHPmyFAQ
  • MediaWiki
  • PrestaShop
  • PmWiki
  • MantisBT
  • TextPattern
  • SugarCRM
  • Xoops
  • Moodle

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

Who qualifies for the free web hosting account?

The free web hosting account is for students pursuing their career in IT related courses. By this, we mean students in higher institutions of learning offering IT, computer science, software engineering and the like. Therefore, if your are not in that category above, then you don’t qualify for free hosting. However, you can signup for a cheap premium hosting package here.

I’m a secondary school student offering computer studies. Do I qualify for free hosting?

Of course yes! Secondary school students doing computer studies or subsidiary ICT also qualify for the free hosting account.

I am not a student but my website is under 100MB. Can I get the free hosting?

No. Whereas the website is under 100MB, you may not qualify for free hosting since you are not a student. We would recommend you signup for any of our cheap paid packages here. If the website is that small, our Personal Linux Shared Hosting package will be good enough to get you going.

Does the free hosting account include a free domain name?

No. The free web hosting account for students does not include a free domain name. Only our premium hosting packages qualify for the free domain name. However, you can cheaply register a domain name of your choice here. Better still, you may browse through our list this month’s domain promotions and register your domain at our promotional prices.

My free hosting account is suspended. What do I do?

If your free hosting account is suspended, your next course of action will depend on the reason for suspension. We normally state the reason for suspension in the notification email we send after suspension. As a result, you need to check for the reason first.

If your free account was suspended because you took more than 1 week without accessing your billing area, simply login here. Once you have successfully logged in, our system will automatically unsuspend your account within 10 minutes. If we don’t unsuspend your account within 10 minutes after successful login, open a support ticket here and ask for a manual reactivation.

If the suspension reason is different, you have to contact us to manually reactivate your hosting account. This is because our system will not be able to auto-suspend your account.

How do I keep my free hosting account active?

You must login to your client area at least once a week to keep your free web hosting account active. This is the only guarantee you will give us that you are still interested in using your free hosting account. Once not done, your account will be suspended and later deleted after 3 weeks.

Can I upgrade from the free account to a premium hosting package?

Yes, in case your website grows beyond the resources offered by your free hosting account, you can always upgrade to a higher paid hosting package any time.