Introducing Loyalty Volume Discounts

Introducing Loyalty Volume Discounts

Over the past few weeks, we have been developing a strategy to appreciate our loyal customers. And today 25/04/2022 we want to announce our Loyalty Volume Discounts program.

The Loyalty Volume Discounts program is Jubilee Web Host’s discount scheme aimed at saying “thank you” to our loyal customers. In this program, we offer lifetime discounts to our customers based on the number (volume) of active services they maintain with us.

At the time of the launch, the loyalty volume discounts program has 10 tiers. These include Tier 1 through Tier 10. Tier 1 has the lowest discount which is 0% while Tier 10 has the largest discount (40%). Below is the list of our loyalty volume discount tiers at the time of the launch.

TierNo. Of ServicesDiscount (%)
Tier 10-50.0
Tier 26-105.0
Tier 311-257.50
Tier 426-5010.0
Tier 551-10015.0
Tier 6101-15020.0
Tier 7151-20025.0
Tier 8201-25030.0
Tier 9251-30035.0
Tier 10Above 30040.0
Loyalty Volume Discount Tiers

A Tier is a discount group which defines your level of loyalty to Jubilee Web Host. It defines the discount earned for a given volume of services you have with Jubilee Web Host.