Introducing NVMe SSD Cloud VPS for Uganda

Introducing NVMe SSD Cloud VPS for Uganda

If you have visited our website recently or even today, you must have noticed that our VPS offers have changed. We have moved from the previous set of Virtual Private Server solutions we used to offer. We are now offering a completely new set of VPS – the NVMe SSD Cloud VPS. It’s the first time a virtual private server of this nature is being offered in Uganda. And we are proud to be the pioneers of this development in Uganda.

Cloud VPS Features

Just like their name suggests, these new NVMe SSD Cloud VPS don’t use hard disk drives (HDDs). They use the super-fast NVMe Solid State Drives (SSD). NVMe stands for non-volatile memory express. NVMe SSD storage is superfast. That means, your new Cloud VPS will perform at speeds more than 20x that of your previous VPS.

Jubilee Web Host’s new NVMe SSD Cloud Virtual servers for Uganda come in two forms – those with shared vCPU cores and those with dedicated vCPU cores. Dedicated vCPU core servers are relatively more powerful than their shared vCPU core counterparts. In addition, they generally include more resources than the shared vCPU core servers. The shared vCPU core virtual servers, on the other hand, are less powerful than those with dedicated vCPU cores but of course more powerful than similar conventional VPSs on the market.

The new NVMe SSD Cloud VPSs come with higher CPU power extending up to 32 cores, larger memory of up to 128 GB, larger storage of up to 600 GB, a bandwidth of 20 GB and a network uplink of 1 GB/s. Of course, you can always scale up your server resources by upgrading the resources. Yet even upgrade from one server to another is also allowed.

Managing Your NVMe SSD Cloud VPS

Management of your new NVMe SSD Cloud VPS is very simple and straightforward. You do it right within your billing/client area. Through your client area, you can perform a number of management actions on your cloud server. You can:

  • Power-on
  • Reboot (gracefully restart)
  • Reset (forcefully restart)
  • Shutdown (gracefully turn off)
  • Power-off (forcefully turn off)
  • Change the admin password
  • Rebuild server with any available OS image
  • Attach and detach an ISO Image
  • Enable and Disable Rescue Mode
  • Configure reverse DNS records
  • among others.

And, we are continuously updating the management interface to cover even more functions. Therefore, should you at any one moment feel like there’s a management feature you feel left out, always never hesitate to let us know. We shall be glad to include it. Besides, you can also perform many of the management functions via SSH. That is when SSH clients like putty and WinSCP will become handy.

Ordering A New Cloud VPS

To make an order for any of our new NVMe SSD Cloud VPS, simply visit our VPS web page or our shopping cart here. Once you have made payment for your resulting invoice, we shall automatically provision your new virtual server. And, you will be good to go!

Migrating from An Old VPS

To migrate from an old virtual private server to our new cloud VPS, simply order the new cloud server and then transfer your data from the old server to t your new NVMe SSD Cloud VPS. In case of any challenges, you can always submit a support ticket and our support team will be glad to do the migration for you at no extra cost.


Are you a VPS hosting client or intend to become one? Then, Jubilee Web Host’s new NVMe SSD Cloud VPS is a must-have. These virtual servers come with a huge deal of resources at a takeaway price. Moreover, you can scale up your resources or upgrade to a higher VPS at any time. And by the way, we are offering a 7 days free trial. Therefore, should you wish to test drive this new set of cloud VPS, please don’t hesitate to make your order here. We shall be glad to activate it for you. No payment required for the first 7 days.

Do you have any questions? Drop it in the comments below or contact our sales team here.

Now, let us know what you think about our new set of NVMe SSD Cloud VPS. Leave your comment below!

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