Introducing South African Dot Za Country Code Domain Names

Introducing South African Dot Za Country Code Domain Names

Are you South African? Do you own a business in South Africa? Do you intend to expand your business or organization to the South African territory? Well, if your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then the South African dot za country-code domain name is something worth giving a thought of consideration!

Over the past few months, we have received several requests from our South African clients on providing the .za country-code domain names. And today, we have answered your requests. Yes, Jubilee Web Host is now offering the South African dot za country-code domain names. These include the,, and This is in addition to the other South African domains including .capetown and .durban. And best of all, we are offering these at the best prices on the market.

What is Dot Za?

Dot Za (.za) is South Africa’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD). At the time of writing this article, .za exists in four second-level TLDs including,, and That means anyone interested in registering a za domain name would be required to choose from any of the four extensions. Of course, this depends on the nature of the institution that is going to use the domain. For example, would be perfect for corporate and commercial entities. In the same way, the would be best for non-profit organizations.

The Za Registry

ZACR – Za Central Registry is the registry for the South African Country Code domain, za. The registry is responsible for accrediting registrars who qualify to offer domain name registration and management within the za namespace. ZACR does not offer domain registration services to end-users. Instead, it accredits and regulates qualifying registrars to register and manage .za domain names. At Jubilee Web Host, we are privileged to be one of those few registrars offering the South African dot za country-code domain name registration services.

Registering a Dot Za Domain Name

To register a South African dot za domain name, simply visit our order system and check the availability of your preferred domain. You may also want to check out all our domain pricing here first before heading to the registration process. Once your preferred domain is available for registration, silly click Add to cart and follow prompts. For assistance with registering your new domain name, you can always contact our support team. We are always glad to help.

Managing Your South African Dot Za Country Code Domain Name

Just like any other domain names we offer, managing your dot za domain name is simple. You do it just right within your client area. Once you have logged into your client area, you can perform a number of management actions. These may include managing name servers and private/child name servers, managing DNS records, enabling and disabling ID protection, enabling and disabling automatic renewal, among others. You can explore all these by logging to your client area here and navigating to your domain name.


You asked, we provided. You can therefore now register any of your South African dot za country-code domain names with convenience, ease and cheaply. Whether,, or, we have you covered!